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Asking for help or report a problem

Do you need help or want to report a problem or a bug? You can do that several ways.

  • For a problem or question we suggest using Discord.
  • If you actually found a valid bug please use Github and perhaps report it also on Discord providing a link to your Github issue.

But before asking for help or reporting a problem

  • Make sure you have searched the wiki and especially the [FAQ].
  • Provide us with as much info as possible.
  • Clearly describe the problem.
  • Briefly describe your setup.
  • Including things like your OS.
  • Which version of Bazarr (System => Status => About).
  • Upgrade to the latest if possible.
  • Tell us what you've tried already.
  • Use the [Logging and Log Files] wiki article how to enable debug logging and where to find them, how to provide them !!!


  • Don't use screenshots of log files.
  • Don't copy/paste log files in the channel without the use of code blocks we still prefer links pastebin or similar to the logs.
  • Don't just dump the bazarr.log in the channel, Nobody wants to download logs and open them in notepad!